Sustainable Mobility and Teleporting

Below is a list of the initiatives being taken in regards sustainable mobility:

  • Car sharing: Different models to share the use of private cars.
  • Public transport: The preference in the use of public transportation instead of private-owned cars.
  • Cycling: The use of bicycles as a primary means of transportation.
  • 3D virtual development tools: Platforms that drive collaboration among the parties involved in the planning and design of the city, as well as access to the comments by the local community.
  • Internet based sharing models: Web platforms that promote ways to share items, such as books, CD/DVDs and even baby clothes.

It might be other initiatives that were not considered in the above list. However, considering that scientists from the University of Maryland were able teleport an atom to a meter away. What should be the priority to invest in teleporting, in relation to the initiatives previously outlined in the list above? Can teleporting solve the problem of sustainable mobility from root?

Quantum Teleportation
Quantum Teleportation (The New York Times - February 2, 2009)

3 thoughts on “Sustainable Mobility and Teleporting”

  1. Hi Alexander,

    There will be many workshops and activities during the conference, such as the Mobility Workshop held at the Living Desert Museum from 1-3PM that will be a discussion that includes storytelling, brainstorming, and synthesizing process into action.

    Looking forward to see you there,


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