There is no magic key just lots of hints.

Fixing, even revolutionizing, education is not a new idea.

Every one of us has gone through the education process, some may even still be engaged in it, so why are we so clueless when it comes to bringing about meaningful, effective, sustainable change?

For a start, maybe we should focus locally and stop thinking in broad, abstract, global terms.

Unfortunately there is no magic solution, or one-size-fits-all formula to facilitate education reform, but there are hints to guide us as to how we might start thinking about radical education change.

A few hints to thinking about radical education change:

1. Global is great but we need to think in terms of micro-level implementation at individual schools.

2. It’s great to come up with grandiose plans but they must be easy to implement.

3. Teachers are VERY busy — so if change can’t be implemented without any investment of time on their part it will never happen.

4. The student/consumer has to be at the center of an idea.

Increasingly I am beginning to think that for education change to happen it has to be simple and user focused.

I think Edge from U2 summed it up in a line from the film ‘It Might Get Loud‘.

What Edge said was that sometimes we need to look at things from a different angle and then, for a moment if we are lucky, it will be clear. At that moment of clarity grab the idea and do your thing.

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