How do you infect creative consciousness?

break out of the old way of thinking of sustainability (credit: iStock)

TEDActiveSus, the Sustainability group, has a tough challenge. Like a TED speaker pointed out, people get bored of things, even when they are really important, and people are bored of sustainability. Social media, education and mobility are just more, well, sexy, than sustainability. So while our key question is “How to grow sustainability?” we decided to trash the actual word and focus on what makes things fun.

We rephrased the question, to ask what it meant for individuals in the group: How do we do business around common goals? How do we motivate people? How do we make sustainability more visible, tangible, sexy, fun and positive? How do we go to where we should be? How do we simplify and reduce, no, eliminate waste and radicalize efficiency? How do we measure success and How do we establish a reward system for business — how do we incentivize sustainability?

From this quest for reward we asked, what makes us happy? Being appreciated, fulfilling a need, being part of a community, and being part of something larger were central ideas to the discussion. The elusive creative consciousness that we can’t teach, or organize, but that we can spread was identified to start the conversation towards action to grow sustainability. These actions, that make us happy and create something HUGE will be sculpted more tomorrow, with the participants at TEDActive to help us, and the TED talks to inspire us. These actions will involve selfless, elevated moments that will utilize all our emotions, and become infectious.

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