Updates from the Ground

In my experiences with collaborative design work, the convergence of brainstormed ideas is a sure sign of progress. Here in Palm Springs, the task of distilling a massively productive-yet-diverse brainstorm into a clear direction toward action seems to be moving forward. From the diverse issues presented by Bryan in a previous blog post, the group is beginning to center around a few major issues — a great sign.

These are:

1.  Proxemics: How do we regain a sense of personal space on a plane?

2.  How can we better empower passengers’ control over their experience?  (the typical flight experience tends to force passengers to hand their bags, security and even their hunger and thirst over to the airline)

3.  How can we use passengers’ shared origin and destination to provide convenience, engagement and entertainment?

For questions 1 and 2, there’s an important question surrounding whether we can (or need to) actually solve the problem given security, logistical and political constraints, or whether we can use psychology/design to artificially generate the experience.

For question 3, we’re discussing how we can use the geographical landscape of the destination city as part of the in-flight entertainment interface. The goal is to generate informative and social interactions.

With so many great minds in collusion, only good can come out of this. Other TEDActive participants are constantly stopping by, participating in the discussion — we’re capturing the usable nuggets of freeform ideation. The next group meeting is with a drink near the pool and campfire in the Riviera’s courtyard.  Join us – bring inspiration!  :)

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