Drifting away from a product-based solution … maybe

As an industrial designer, I’m inclined towards a product-based solution … but that’s the great thing about collaboration. I’m open to having my process change and respond to the ideas of other team members, and any individuals who want to add to the travel project.

What if it was simply a new product?

  • A better armrest that splits in the middle, allowing both users to use it without giving up space or comfort.
  • A chair that comfortably reclines without interfering with the passenger behind you. A seat that gently supports your lumbar. A footrest that extends without dramatically increasing the horizontal footprint of your personal comfort pod.
  • A sound system that cancels the noise around the cabin but allows you to speak to your immediate companion.
  • In-flight entertainment that allows you any content (including Internet) at your command.
  • On demand refreshments.
  • A short list of questions that allows the airlines to select your perfect travel companion and cabin placement according to your personal needs.

Think about the resetting of expectations — we obviously live in a culture of entitlement. Can we simply say, “Suck it up, buttercup,” or is there a better solution? How are each of us as individuals responsible for our condition? Is it simply a matter of  being polite? Is it being happier with what me have? We want to empower both passengers and the airlines to take back some of the responsibility on the airways.

Wow, the timeline is pretty short …

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