Joe Airline, I’ll be Pimpin’ my ride!

Typically, when buying a ticket, we fight for an emergency row or a aisle seat near the front.

But what if I told you that your airline of choice could magically seat you next to someone who might be in a position to push your big idea to the next level?  What I’m talking about is the magic of profiling, social networking, and algorithms.

The idea is quite simple.  When setting up your frequent flier account, we are given the option to add a private (or public) profile which tells a bit about who we are.  Then, when choosing a seat on our next flight, the airline can now offer you the additional option of allowing their algorithm to select other passengers on that same flight who you may want to sit next to onboard your flight.  At no point would your information be revealed to others.

Whatcha think?

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