Social networks — your interpretation?

I love connecting with people! Love meeting them, understanding where they come and what makes them who they are. Through my travels I have met amazing individuals. I was born in Senegal, where for generations, the palaver tree was a symbol of communication, sharing and collaboration throughout Africa — people would gather under its protective shade to listen to stories, share ideas and news and resolve community problems and conflicts. This made me realize while working on the social networks project that we are all connected.

TEDActive is a social network, and for me it’s like the old beautiful tree we see in villages of Africa. I deeply believe that makes a difference to humanity and what makes us safe, strong and able to grow as individuals.

Our social network group has pulled ideas from all around the world, drawing on people’s expertise in documenting Middle Eastern and African issues, understanding markets and mapping humanity. We looked at complexity in online and offline networks, how online reputation or “social aura” is nurtured, and how we can turn inspiration into action. Each of us in the group has chosen one of seven questions which we will ask our fellow attendees and people in our social networks as a way of gathering more insight. And we’ll use your responses to inform human-sized actions we can take at the end of the week to spread inspiration.

Here are some of the questions we asked:

Social networks

And here are some videos:

Are social networks good or evil? You can decide … but we hope it is good, and that maybe each of us, in our own way can make a difference, be courageous, find a purpose and share it.

Together, we have the power to change our world.

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