What road to what matters – inspires you to action?

Amongst socially aware causes and talks as well as socially engaging parties, what did the social networking group do?

We spent a few moments that we could to drag ourselves away from the social talk to the social walk. From Monday to Wednesday our team of 20+ people came together to discuss how we go from inspiration to action and how social networks are involved.

These are some of the questions we discussed and invited TEDActive attendees to engage in:

1. How do you find something to do that matters to you?
2. What might trigger you to act via social networks?
3. Can you share a unique experience you had via social networks that made you act?
4. How do you get found?
5. How do you connect?
6. What does “open”, “random”, and “selective” mean to you?

On Monday – once we’d agreed on these themes, we signed-up to talk to people on one of these questions.

I picked the one on finding what matters to you.

Thank you:

Patricia and Richard Hollingum from Auckland, New Zealand
Liz Wallace Ellers, from Haverford

…for spending a significant amount of time discussing your perspectives on how you found your calling.

The theme that connects us all based on those I spoke with is that people find their calling through a very personal event, series of events or a person that has a profound impact.  We felt that this personal experience is what gives us the focus that making a difference requires.

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