Social Up: First efforts

Public (not social) transport

Two weeks after our goodbye at TEDActive and our plans to social up our mobility, I wanted to share my efforts so far:

As I was leaving Palm Springs towards LAX I posted an update on Facebook to offer a ride to anybody going my way. Gerardo Betancourt was on his way to LA with a bus, but we missed each other by just a few minutes. Learning: next time I should post my moves earlier.

On my way to London, I managed to sleep for 9 hours straight… the joys of a very intense week! As the plane was landing, I started chatting with a film director from New Zealand next to me, and we ended up sharing a cab to east London. Good one.

On my way to Paris in the Eurostar, I met a chatty Italian lawyer working in the city. Enjoyed a great football chat and ended up exchanging cards. You never know when you need a lawyer I guess. Good one, again!

Finally, as I was going to the airport to pick up my girlfriend last Saturday, I suffered all sorts of delays typical of public transport during weekends in London. For the next airport pickup, I checked Whipcar, the neighbour-to-neighbour car sharing site and there’s a lady close to home who owns a Peugeot 207 that I can borrow 4 hours for £20… Cheaper and more reliable. Good learning.

Still, I haven’t managed to have a chat with my neighbours (after 6 months, it feels a bit wierd to knock the door with a tortilla de patatas to say hello), nor succeeded to chat with anybody in the Tube, or the Bus (Londoners enter in trance when they walk in public transport..). Those will be my challenges for the next two weeks.

best wishes, Luis

One thought on “Social Up: First efforts”

  1. In the weeks since TEDActive, I’ve been working to SocialUP – making some small steps.
    I’ve begun conversations with others in our office building (shared by 5 companies) about bicycling to work together – meeting at nodes along the way so we’re a small pack by the time we arrive. The simple act of the conversation has been great.
    On my last three flights, I made it a point of introducing myself and getting to know the people next to me (rather than slip on my bose headphones and catch up on sleep). I’ve also been very aware of others and looking for ways to help out – parents with small kids, people traveling together who have separated seats, and who need help.
    One of the best is my spring overdrive wireless hub. While in the airport, I make it a point to offer a connection to fellow travelers nearby. It brings out a big smile everytime – hasn’t failed yet.

    So I haven’t come up with the big idea, but find myself looking forward to the socialup travel game – making routine travel a little bit more interesting.


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