TEDx day in the desert: knowledge sharing

Reblogged from the TEDxBlog: 

On Sunday, February 26th, 250 TEDx event organizers arrived at the Living Desert in Palm Springs for a full day of learning, brainstorming and, of course, fun!

TEDx Director Lara Stein kicked off the day by thanking the amazing global community of organizers for their work, and addressed TEDx projects of the future, including the TEDxSummit, taking place in April in Doha, Qatar.

Hosting the event were TEDActive hosts Kelly and Rives, along with two interns: two university TEDx event organizers who “shadowed” the pair for the day.

Twelve organizers then took to the stage to present on the amazing innovations that they had executed through their events: TEDxEdmonton organizer Ken Bautista presented on stage design; Ruth Milligan, organizer of TEDxColumbus and TEDxKids@NBCC, spoke on her experience organizing an event for 5-8 year-olds; Diana Enriquez of TEDxYale addressed how to work with university administration. These were just a few of the TEDx innovations; you can find out about the rest of the talent from the session below.

TEDxDU’s Carole Kitchell presented a “where are they now” of her speaker Aaron Huey, whose talk is on TED.com.

Niki Siropoulou of TEDxAcademy in Greece spoke on branding and showed an animated step by step video.

Sarah Lewis of the Gates Foundation spoke on the goals of TEDxChange 2012.

Steve Garguilio of TEDxJNJ spoke on how he has structured corporate events globally at Johnson & Johnson.

TEDxRanier’s Phil Klein discussed the issue of structuring volunteer teams.

Ellen Cheng of TEDxFactory798 and XinXing Duan of TEDxNanjing — both in China — spoke on regional collaboration through social media.

At TEDxTokyo 2010, Hiroko Sumikura  and her team uploaded videos from the event almost simultaneously, and she spoke to how exactly it was done.

Arthur Zards of TEDxNaperville showed images of amazing TEDx event badges from around the world, and emphasized their importance in fostering interaction between attendees.

After TEDx organizer presentations, Head of Global Partnerships Ronda Carnegie presented on TED’s unique way of approaching partners, and took questions from the audience, as well as a few from the almost 100 TEDx-ers watching the workshop livestream.

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