TEDYOU: Skillshare Edition

TEDActive has teamed up with TED Fellow Michael Karnjanaprakorn‘s Skillshare to bring a new form of the TEDYOU Talk that inspires audiences to learn by doing. We’ll be live streaming these talks for free on February 25th and developing our skills together throughout the year.

TEDActive 2013 attendees only may apply to give a talk, but everyone is welcome to learn, do, and share their skills with us. If you haven’t applied to attend TEDActive 2013, there’s still time to apply here.

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4 thoughts on “TEDYOU: Skillshare Edition”

  1. Kristina, we’ll update this blog with more information as it comes out with how to access the free event. Please stay tuned.

    Bumedian, to apply to give a TEDYou talk, you’ll get a message from us in the coming months if you’re registered to attend. If you’re asking about general TED stage, you can do so here: http://www.ted.com/nominate/speaker.


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