“Around the Campfire” Profile: Jacqueline Jenkins

Who’s around our campfire? Each week we will profile a different TEDActive 2013 attendee and give you a peek into what they have to share around the fire in Palm Springs. This week, meet Jacqueline!

Where are you from?
Ottawa, Canada but I have been moving around the world from one developing country to the next for the past 20 years.

Where is your favorite place on earth?
Sitting at the end of the dock at our Canadian island cottage watching the sun rise with my cup of coffee.

What interests you?
Global education, preparing children for the world they will become responsible for, human connection and the power of good.

What problem are you trying to solve?
How to move global education forward with a sense of urgency in places which have not yet seen the value in this perspective.

What’s your favorite thing about TEDActive?
Connecting with a broad range of thinkers and coming up with new and exciting ideas.

What’s one thing you can’t live without?
Morning coffee, laughter and a belief that people are good.

Read all of the “Around the Campfire” profiles here. If you are attending TEDActive 2013 and would like to be included in this series, email tedactive@ted.com with your photo and answers to the questions above. Feel free to include links to your LinkedIn profile, bios, social media profiles, and other ways people can find out more information about you.

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