Taking global inspiration to local communities with TEDx at TEDActive

TEDx Workshop

The large global audience at TEDActive is among the main ingredients that gives TEDActive its unique flavor. One of the reasons TEDActive draws such an international crowd is because of the TEDx Workshop; each year, hundreds of TEDx organizers from almost every continent gather at TEDActive for an immersive week of TED Talks and share learnings with each other and the TED staff. This uber active group of changemakers then go back to their homes, inspired and armed with more ideas to influence their communities.


Attendee Areej Mehdi of TEDxKinnaird in Lahore, Pakistan, said:

“It is perhaps, only at TEDActive that you can be inspired all ‘round the clock—an entire five days…The sense of rejuvenation that I felt as I came across the hard work and effort so many people are putting into their TEDx events all over the world is humbling and awe-inspiring to say the least.”

Learn more about TEDx and the TEDx Workshop at the TEDx blog and check out these photos from last year’s workshop. If you’re attending TEDActive this year, make sure you connect with some TEDx organizers and see where in the world the conversation takes you.


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