The Suitcase Chronicles

ted bags 2

TEDActive is full of surprises, so it’s hard to know just what to pack. We peeked inside the suitcases of a few attendees looking for answers, and it turned out they came to TEDActive more than prepared. Some of our favorite hidden treasures:

1. Dennise Demming brought Angostura Bitters from her home of Trinidad and Tobago, where the alcohol is made. You may have had them in a drink, but did you know their story?

2. Salah Almhamdi comes bearing gifts of pottery plates from Tunisia. He hasn’t decided who to give them to yet, but he says, “If you want to establish friendships, you should give gifts. A gift is an impact.” So be very, very nice to him, because it could be you!

3. For Lade Ibrahim, it’s not what he brought, but what he’s taking home with him – a jarful of Palm Springs desert sand. Whenever he travels, he brings a piece of his destination home with him to Nigeria.

4. Michael Sternfeld came with nothing less than the longest audiobook in the world: the 75-hour Ramayana, which he produced.

5. Heidi Fledderjohn packed her mala meditation beads – she takes one breath for each of the 27 beads. Make sure to catch one of her morning group yoga sessions.

6. Fully half of Javier Yunes‘ suitcase was filled with this candy left over from his birthday. It was enough to attract the attention of airport security. We think it looks mighty suspicious, too.


7. Per Klemming came armed with his party shirt! At last year’s TEDActive, he and other attendees navigated Palm Springs by bicycle, and Per discovered the bright floral garment at a local thrift shop. Though it didn’t come along in his suitcase, he also sported a party tattoo. Ask him about it.

8. Isaac Cohen of the Hit + Run silkscreening station has lots of mysterious goodies in his bag, including this cool patch.


9. And Najia Yarkhan kept it simple – her luggage contains “as many shoes as I could fit.” Awesome.

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