Welcome to “The Sovereign Nation of You”


At TEDActive 2013, attendees helped create a museum of festive flags which was then strung high above the grassy Quad area of the LaQuinta resort. The workshop, called ”The Sovereign Nation of You,” was an opportunity for TEDActivators to create a unique flag made of fun materials (including felt, stencils, and string) that showed off an idea worth spreading and their quirky and unique personalities. Kiel Johnson, artist and architect of the experience, described it as “a crowd-sourced vexillology super jam.” (And for those of you who don’t know, vexillology is the study of the symbolism, form and usage of flags.)

A kaleidoscopic exhibit of banners, pennants and true colors:


At the end of the week, a few brave TEDActivators climbed the mountain overlooking the resort and planted their flags. Palm Springs, we’ve claimed and conquered you …


… and Whistler, we’re coming for you.

Who wants to plant our flag on that mountain?
Who wants to plant our flag on Whistler Mountain? (It’s the big one on the left.)

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