TED team visits Whistler!

2013-04-22 10.27.24
A beautiful day to be in Whistler

A handful of the TED team, including TEDActive’s incredible co-host Kelly Stoetzel, just returned from an energizing and thrilling site visit to our new home in breathtakingly beautiful Whistler, Canada. The team spent a week touring around Whistler imagining and dreaming up possibilities for every nook and cranny of the site and thinking of how to create a unique experience true to the TEDActive spirit. Things on their mind included understanding ski culture, programming for cold weather, testing out new fire pit locations and visiting all of the local hotspots.

Throughout the year we’ll be keeping you posted on all of the goodies the TEDActive team is cooking up for next year’s TEDActive. Stay tuned for more sneak peeks and previews!

(All of these beautiful photos were taken by TED Partnerships’ Special Projects Manager Stephanie Kent)

One thought on “TED team visits Whistler!”

  1. Not sure about “hydro” as one of our top 10 buzzwords. What’s missing is “Sorry.” Canadians say it… A LOT. Even the CBC did a piece on it.


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