The Doers’ Playlist: 10 TED Talks on taking local action

Planting vegetables and herbs with Ron Finley

The TEDActive community is made up of a unique group of smart, creative, passionate and quirky individuals. They come from diverse backgrounds and over 70 countries. Today we kick off a new segment where we curate a special TED Talks playlist dedicated to the myriad of types of people we’ve run into at the TEDActive conference.

THE DOERS: the ones taking charge in their local community, knowing that change begins from the ground up. Actions take many forms — from empowering a democratic revolution in Egypt through social media to planting a garden in the urban jungle of South Central LA — but one thing they have in common is the heart of the action: community. We’ve put together a playlist of TED talks on the power of taking small action to make a big change, to motivate all doers (and even the non-doers) into making a move.

Lets honor those getting things done all over the world!

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