The Maker’s Playlist: 10 TED Talks to feed your tinkering habit

The TEDActive community is made up of a unique group of smart, creative, passionate and quirky individuals. In this segment, we will be curating a special TED Talks playlist for each of the myriad of types of people we’ve run into at the TEDActive conference.

The Makers: the ones mad for tinkering, experimenting, creating crazy things that move, blink and buzz. (Also known as the Inventor with 1000 Ideas or the DIY Guy/Gal).

At every TEDActive, we always make sure to include interactive spaces where attendees can be inspired to create something by hand. Why? This experience — of connecting people through the art of making things — is an innately human one. We were born to build and create. When we bring the right-brain out to play, we get a very different type of conversation added to the mix.

We created this special TED Talks playlist to celebrate the vast variety of makers in our community. We know a maker when we see one! We spotted you building robots in your garage, using Makey Makey to innovate your classrooms, creating crazy paper sculptures and so much more. Long live the DIY movement!

2 thoughts on “The Maker’s Playlist: 10 TED Talks to feed your tinkering habit”

  1. I’m a fellow TEDActive-er and this post makes me think of my good friends Brian and Carl who are two of the most innovative “makers” around. In fact, on Friday they’re launching the first results of their tinkering Kickstarter! If you’re a 3D printing enthusiast, you’ll want to check it out. It’s a universally compatible dual-extruding print head that can double the creative and build capacity of consumer 3D printers. Knowing them, they’ll probably have a TED talk in this list someday!


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