The TEDActive experience in 15 animated GIFs

Inspired by our friends over at the TED Fellows team and their genius portrayal of the TED Fellows experience — with cat GIFs — we decided to create our own GIF-worthy post. The subject? The TEDActive experience, of course.

1. When you’re getting on the plane to go to TEDActive. (We’re going to Whistler, Canada this year!)


2. You get there and realize that everyone is new and it’s kind of like the first day of school.


3. But then you realize that everyone is super friendly and wants to talk to you.


4. And don’t fret if you’re a newbie, because veterans will treat you like this:


5. If you’re a veteran, you already know the drill.


6. You get an awesome seat in the theater (preferably a red bean bag).


7. Kelly and Rives, the TEDActive hosts, introduce the conference.


8. When a TED speaker blows your mind.


9. When you have that elusive TED moment, that magical lightning bolt of inspiration that only happens at a TED conference, it sometimes looks like this:


Or this.


10. When it’s the next day and there’s an early morning session and you haven’t had your cup of coffee yet.


11. When you’re late to the next session and you want to get a good seat.


12. When you’re in the TEDActive book store and you want everything.


13. Opening the TED gift bag:


14. The end of the week party!


15. Going home with your brain tingling with new ideas and positive energy.


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