Grace Hawthorne of Paper Punk launches a new Kickstarter! (+ 7 ways she gets inspired)

Remember Grace Hawthorne’s colorful, hands-on Paper Punk social station at TEDActive 2013? She’s back with a brand new exciting project. This week, she launched a Kickstarter for “Urban Fold: Build Your Own Paper Block City,” a Paper Punk kit with everything you need to construct the city of your dreams from paper. The kit comes with 700 pieces inside: 48 easy punch-n-fold shapes, 697 cool stickers, a poster and planning mat and a storage box. Rewards for supporters range from sweet postcards and stickers ($10), to a complete Paper Punk Urban Fold set ($33) and even an all-you-can-eat folding, constructing, crafting buffet for you and 350 of your friends ($8,500).

And why should everyone Paper Punk? “Making things is not only the way we connect and truly learn about ourselves and the world, but it’s an easy antidote to our over saturated digital lives, Grace says on Kickstarter. “Making a Paper Punk tastes like a cupcake and looks like a cupcake, but it’s really broccoli for your brain.”

We wanted to peek into Grace’s super creative and savvy brain. We asked her for her favorite sources for creative energy, and here’s what she said:


One of the things I do before I go to sleep is scroll through lots of fashion, design, art, and museum Instagram threads to see what caught people’s eyes that day. It’s fun to see patterns emerge from the disparate images passing by.


The most influential artist of the 20th century who coined the term ‘readymade’ is my hero. His provocations are still relevant today and constantly remind me that possibility lies in perception. His best quote: “I don’t believe in art, I believe in artists.”


I’m constantly humbled and charged by things I see and experience in nature. It’s a gift when you’re able to catch and savor those seemingly insignificant moments. Nothing on your iPad compares.


My favorite movie ever! And I can’t really articulate specifically why because for me the film sums up the human condition in its entirety.


If I’m not feeling good/happy/inspired, all I have to do is play the piano (Debussy), play the cello (Bach), or blast my eardrums (Black Crowes…getting excited to catch their show in December!).


I’m so dang lucky to be there because every time I teach, I learn and stretch myself. The’s intention about transforming people is a mission larger than themselves…that’s when you know you’re at a place you can call home.


I love touching and seeing stuff in a real store, any store! All the textures, colors, scents, shapes, etc are all research for me. My favorite places to walk the aisles include: Home Depot, Molly Stones, Michaels, Saks.

BONUS: As an extra boost of inspiration, she has this huge Wall of Affirmations in her studio space.


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