Fun with Grizz and Klemingway: A not-so-fashionable fashion guide

By Grizz (Dick Lundgren) and Klemmingway (Per Klemming)

Last year around this time, someone getting ready for their very first TEDActive asked a very valid question: What do you wear at the conference?

Wait. We’re going to stop you right there. Conference?! TEDActive is more like the world’s best-kept secret camp for adults. Sure it is a conference too, but it is so much more than just that. It is a Utopia for grownups (with plenty of snow in the new Whistler venue). People from all over the world — of all ethnicities, ages, cultures, straight and gay — frolic together and are eager to understand, not to judge.

So, leave all your maturity behind. Look deep into your soul and heart and dig out that child that you always were, but not always could be. Be the smart, bright, curious, talkative kiddo that has been bursting to come out for so long now. Dust off your playfulness. You are on your way to TED Active!

Grizz and Klemmingway getting ready for the journey to TED Active. It's a long ways to Canada so we like to start in good time, be well prepared and of course, as always, travel in style. Off we go!
It’s a long ways to Canada so we like to start in good time, be well prepared and of course, as always, travel in style. Off we go!

When you’re there, share your dreams and visions, because we know that you have them. And don’t try to be clever. Everybody at TEDActive is clever. Try to be yourself. That will guarantee you the best week of your life so far. Be curious, ask questions, talk about yourself. Listen and remember that the other TEDActivators are eager to do the same.

What is happening on stage and on the monitors is outstanding and exciting, but don’t be surprised if the most interesting ideas you take home with you come from a conversation you had at 3:30am with your new TEDActive buddies around a campfire.

Don’t ever leave home without your lucky hat!

Ok, back to the question (G’damn we are not very good at focusing here, are we?!) What to wear! Well, if you are still with us and still for some odd reason believe a word of what we say, you should by no means follow the advice that was given in the post. “Dress comfortably.” To this we say no, No, NO!

“We love oddities, unusual ways of looking at life and original weirdos… Above all — be yourself!”

By all means, do not dress comfortably and remember that you can never bring too many hand bags, gloves or sun glasses! Our motto is “Enough is NEVER enough!” In fact, start packing early. Right now would be the perfect time to get going. But please read to the end first. These tips are real gold nuggets, words of wisdom that will guarantee you the best possible stay.

Now, say after us: No comfortable clothing!

We try to have different outfits at least every day but if the designer suitcases and the vacuum plastic bags from IKEA (to shrink down the volume of all our attire) allow for it, we will try to change a couple of times during the day as well. But of course, that is just a suggestion.

Klemmingway is bringing his daughter’s Carmen curlers and Grizz has been growing his beard wild for months now. We do not want to blend in. And we rarely do.

A friend of ours, Kristin, a.k.a. the Cow Princess, took her turquoise cowboy boots and a shovel, just in case. John usually brings a bathrobe that he walks around in one day. Another friend of ours, Jessi, only brought underwear one year and bought all her outfits at a local thrift shop as she had arrived. Before leaving, she then sold the clothes again and donated the money to charity. There are endless opportunities.

Be your own person, but don’t be afraid to stick out! TEDActive is not about fitting in. It’s about standing out. Everyone going is an outstanding individual and as far as we are concerned that is what you want to show with how you dress. We love oddities, unusual ways of looking at life and original weirdos. So if you feel outrageous, dress outrageously. Bring loads of bracelets, beads, your favorite tie-dyed T-shirt, shop for vintage and second hand. Leave the power dress at home. Be gorgeous in rags and flip-flops. But above all – be yourself!

A final word on fashion from Klemmingway: You can never have too many odd socks.

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