Fun with Grizz and Klemmingway: A not-so-fashionable guide #2

A few words on Pets, Furs, Gold Stars and Looking your best in the snow. 

By Grizz (Dick Lundgren) and Klemmingway (Per Klemming)

Who doesn’t love a pet! A cuddly little furry companion is not only the best proof that love actually can be bought for money. An adorable little critter on a string (like Snowflake below) is also a good way to show that you are not an oddball, make new friends and even stand out in a crowd.

Grizz with his adorable Snowflake
Grizz with his adorable Snowflake

With this said we hope it is clear that Grizz and Klemmingway are both big animal lovers who strongly feel that the only one who should wear a nice warm fur coat is the one who was born in it. – But that won’t stop us from admiring the remarkable dandy in this picture from days long gone. And from our mother land, Sweden, too. Talk about style. This guy is so scandalously cool that we had to develop our own Seal of Admiration and award him posthumously!

Wanna cuddle? I am game.

But that isn’t all! When the Seal of Admiration was born we decided to bring it along to TEDActive. Said and done, we’ve ordered a bag of these golden stars to hand out to each and everyone we run into with such great personal style that it takes our breath away and makes our knees wobbly. (Kemmingway is known to faint). So please y’all, don’t hold back! Let’s crank the TEDActive fun up even a few more notches. It doesn’t matter if you dress in a designer-wear-mishmash or something that your mom crocheted for you in fifth grade – we don’t care. As long as you dare-to-share and stand out, we love it! And just so you know, if your style does knock our socks off, your picture might very well end up in GRIZZ and KLEMMINGWAY’s Not-so-fashionable fashion guide during the conference. So now it is said, The Golden Star Game is on!


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