Fun with Grizz and Klemmingway: A not-so-fashionable fashion guide #3

By Grizz (Dick Lundgren) and Klemmingway (Per Klemming)

Just a few more days now and it is time for us all to meet up in the snow. And not just in any old snow, but the snow of Whistler – Winter Queen of the North where the ice-cold snow powdered mountain peaks of the Fitzsimmons Range of the Pacific Ranges of the Coast Mountains on the northwestern edge of Garibaldi Provincial Park are gently caressed by the deep blue Canadian skies. – Are we lucky or what!

Never mind that Canada is part of the Arctic – the polar region at the northernmost part of the Earth. An area that consists of a vast, ice-covered ocean surrounded by treeless permafrost. Where it is so cold and the circumstances so tormenting that some organisms actually have found it best living in the ice. – If you are anything like Grizz and Klemmingway, you take fun wherever you can you find it. And from what we understand fun is definitely to be had here, on the slopes of Whistler, and that is where we are heading for some seriously mindblowing skiing prior to TEDActive!

But, before even thinking of all the fun in the snow let’s begin with a few words on the importance of looking your best even on the slopes. As a matter of fact it is not that hard. You see, nowhere is looking your best easier than on the ski slopes. All that is visible of our pale puffy winter bodies is the face and in a matter of hours we are all going to have the best suntan ever and be instantly fabulous. We are going to be sex gods in a jiffy, if we only dress right. And as usual our mantra is – stand out, be yourself. That is all it takes. Unless being yourself involves dressing in neon or pastel ski outfits of course. Then do not be your self!

Instead steal a style; it is totally OK. A little bit here and a little bit there. Huge mittens and a pair of vintage ski goggles, riding pants, a bandana and your dad’s old sweater. Just go for it. For your inspiration we have been browsing the internet and have we ever come up with some seriously fab outfits! So just take what you like and make it your own! See ya on the slopes, Gorgeous!


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