Who I met at the “Welcome to Vancouver!” dinner

By Carel Nolte 

The pride of our Canadian TEDsters is palpable … they love hosting us in their awesome country. Dan Jacob from TEDxToronto (one of our longest running TEDx events and strong supporter of TEDActive) told me that whilst he may miss the sun of Palm Springs, he is delighted to play host. And who can blame him? From the minute I arrived at the Vancouver airport and saw the TED lollipop sign, to the TED and maple leaf flags on the Vancouver streets, through to the stunning TEDx organizers day incorporating snow activities, it is clear that we are in for a rocking week in this beautiful country.

On that note for our Active virgins, there are many official hosts like Dan, so look out for the little yellow tag on badges and ask any of those folk for help … if they haven’t already approached you to help you navigate all that is on offer!

On Saturday night, about 80 early arrival TEDsters were hosted by TEDxRenfrewCollingwood on Vancouver Island at Edible Canada. With only local produce and wine, we all ate and drank like Canadian Royal Mounties!

photo 2
Edible Canada’s menu

One of the dinner attendees, Tracey Habron, is not only at TEDActive to share photos of her ring or talk about porn (I kid you not, check out her name tag!) but also to share her very successful process for organizing events. Judging by feedback after her session at the TEDx organizers conference, as well as her huge stash of cookies from Edible Canada and offer of whisky nightly at 10pm in the lobby, I suggest you find Tracey for a good time.

photo 3
Tracey’s bling ring

Kat Haber, from Alaska, and Vail were also at the dinner, circulating a list of all the languages we speak. With over 65 countries represented at TEDActive this year, the results were astounding. Find Kat and chat to her about languages and award-winning gardens.

photo 5
Filling in languages.

TEDActive veterans (this is their 6th TEDActive) Felicia Kamriani (Harvard) and Christo Crafford (South Africa) were on hand to provide tips to virgins. As Felicia says, “It’s all about the love.” So let’s be sure to show lots of love this week.

photo 4
Christo and Felicia are all smiles!

Dan Chiu from New York, sporting stylish glasses, is at TEDActive for the first time. He is here to make the most of the experience and says he wants to challenge himself. I suggest you find Dan and help him meet that challenge.

photo 1
Christie, Christo and Dan.

Many of you know that one of our hosts, Kelly Stoetzel, is also the Content Head for TED – so she drives the team that finds our amazing main stage speakers each year. What many of us find more impressive though is Kelly’s down-to-earth, loving-life approach. And those of us who have met her mum, another TEDActive veteran, know where she gets it from. I was therefore very excited when my dinner partner Christie Pearson from Texas told me that Kelly’s dad is ditching TED to join us in Whistler on Thursday and Friday … allegedly our parties are better #justsaying :)

So, my friends, Edible Canada set the scene for some of us but all of us are now in Whistler. Enjoy the Canadian hospitality and let’s ensure the Next Chapter is indeed one of our own creation.

Throughout the week, we’ll be featuring content from the our contributing writers. Stay tuned for more on-the-ground coverage!

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