Springboard Session 2: Secret doors, elegant universe and digital privacy

This series is for the doers masquerading as lazybones and couch potatoes — you know who you are! Well, we thought you could use a little power-up. Throughout the week, we’ll be doing the work for you, curating an action-items list for after every session at TED 2014. 

Remember how Harry Potter had to get into the Ministry of Magic? Meanwhile in real life, tech designer Bran Ferren’s Applied Minds entrance is through a secret door through a red telephone booth. See if you’re smart enough to pass his yellow plastic box interview for new employees.

Watch physicist Brian Greene’s beautiful NOVA series “Elegant Universe” and “Fabric of the Cosmos” and contemplate the vastness of our world.

Check out architect Mark Kushner designs for a modern-day Torah for the heart of New York City. And read more about the project he was part of, a book called Unscrolled.

Watch Yoruba Richen’s “The New Black,” a look at how the African-American community is grappling with the gay rights issue.

Protect your digital information! Edward Snowden gives three tips on how to up your digital privacy game. He’s probably best guy to give you advice on this topic.

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