The Newbie Report with Ibrahim Mursal Warsame

By  Ibrahim Mursal Warsame

My name is Ibrahim and I am a Newbie (Hi Ibrahim!). Well, actually I’m a fresh veteran, now. And since I am a fresh veteran, I thought it would be good to share the experience through the eyes of a newly (former) n00b.

Here are five things for you dear future newbie (and veteran) to look forward to and be aware of :

1. It’s EPIC
Yea , I know … DUH! … But seriously, no matter how much you read in advance and try your best to guess or anticipate. The night of your first day will arrive and you’ll be in awe of what’ve just happened. It’s not an event, it’s an experience! (Not a cliche!)

2. Everyone is nice
Like seriously and overly nice! It’s amazing what and where a simple “Hi, how are you?” can take you. Take it as a universal rule: A person with a TED badge is (at least ) an amazing conversation waiting to happen. Probably beyond just a conversation in almost all cases. Yes, some of us are shy (very shy?) but believe me. All you have to do is just utter that “how are you” line or any other line — just say anything and wait for the magic to happen!

3. The level of organization is amazing.
I now understand why it’s a requirement to attend a TED event in order to upgrade the level of your local TEDx event. Once you get a taste of TED, it’s impossible for you to think mediocre for your local TEDx event.The amount of attention to details from the TED staff is just mind blowing!

4. Get rest to prepare for jet lag:
This is an advice I’ve read and heard before, still! If you’re crossing more than three time zones, be prepared for a rough first night. Good news is, it’ll pass.

5. “You set the tone.”
This is actually an answer from the amazing host Rives in response to my question about the best tip to being an amazing host like Rives. I find it true not for just the hosting part, but for the whole week.

You, my friend, set the tone and pace of your week here, so please make the best of it . Stop looking awkwardly at your phone when you feel alone. Strike that conversation you are dying to make with that interesting (hot?!) person next to you.

Say yes and let it take you places (unless that place is jail, in that case say ‘maybe’!!) Just “be present” as awesome Aaron Tango says. It’s one week, allow it to positively affect you. Set the tone.

Throughout the week, we’ll be featuring content from the our contributing writers. Stay tuned for more on-the-ground coverage!

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