Springboard Session 5: Wild ones, playthings and braaaiinnnnns

This series is for the doers masquerading as lazybones and couch potatoes — you know who you are! Well, we thought you could use a little power-up. Throughout the week, we’ll be doing the work for you, curating an action-items list for after every session at TED 2014.

Explore brain researcher Nancy Kanwisher’s brain. Here’s what her Saggital looks like.

Compare the microbes in your gut to those in the guts of thousands of other people in the US and around the world with American Gut, a crowdsourced project by Rob Knight’s lab.

Stephen Friend is working to create the Wikipedia of biomedical research. Explore the massive database, Synapse, here.

Play with Ze Frank’s interactive toys and games: meditation flowers, the scribbler, googly, matchsticks and much more.

Portland-based folk band Black Prairie’s recorded a soundtrack for Joo Mooallem’s book Wild Ones about humans and their relationship with wild animals. Listen to their record: “WILD ONES: A Musical Score for the Things That You Might See in Your Head When You Reflect on Certain Characters and Incidents That You Read About in the Book.”

Geena Rocero courageously came out on the TED 2014 stage. Here’s GLAADS tips on how we can be better allies of transgender people.

Pore through philosopher David Chalmers’s encylopedia of philosophical humor and deep investigation of zombies.

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