Springboard Session 6: Facebook, Twitter, and outer space

This series is for the doers masquerading as lazybones and couch potatoes — you know who you are! Well, we thought you could use a little power-up. Throughout the week, we’ll be doing the work for you, curating an action-items list for after every session at TED 2014.

Read Margaret Stewart’s blog for her insights into life and the Internet.

Del Harvey spends her days examining the extraneous interactions on Twitter, so you have to wonder what she thinks about Weird Twitter.

Charlie Rose? Who is that again? Let me Google that for you.

Check out Chris Kluwe’s book of personal essays, Beautifully Unique Sparkleponies.

Another day, another potential real life validation of my love for scifi. Jeremy Kasdin wouldn’t mind if you got lost in this Wikipedia article of Planets in science fiction for a while. (You could study the real thing, too.)

Watch Hugh Herr’s episode of “Who Says I Can’t?”

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