Springboard Session 8: Robots, hackers, and the evolving athlete

This series is for the doers masquerading as lazybones and couch potatoes — you know who you are! Well, we thought you could use a little power-up. Throughout the week, we’ll be doing the work for you, curating an action-items list for after every session at TED 2014. 

If you enjoyed the technological illusion of Marco Tempest’s talk, check out the video on his Vimeo channel.

Maira Kalman might own Toscanni’s pants, but you can watch him conducting a 1952 performance of Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5…

…or you would watch video of an Anonymous protest’s act of kindness toward a homeless, featured in Keren Elazari’s talk.

David Epstein’s fascinating talk about the evolution of the athlete is an excellent way to recommend ESPN Film’s fantastic documentary series, 30 For 30.

Read more from Ed Yong in his National Geographic blog, Not Exactly Rocket Science.

Did you know that Seth Godin also has a podcast?

If you missed it the first time, check out the Countdown to Singularity chart from Ray Kurzweil’s talk.

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