Springboard Session 9: Photos, fireflies, and tiny drones

This series is for the doers masquerading as lazybones and couch potatoes — you know who you are! Well, we thought you could use a little power-up. Throughout the week, we’ll be doing the work for you, curating an action-items list for after every session at TED 2014. 

Love the visual images of Sara Lewis’s talk about fireflies? Check out more.

Be inspired by Deborah Gordon and learn how to make your own ant farm.

Read more poetry by Billy Collins!

Andrew Connolly asks in his talk, “What happens if you get too much data?” Explore how you might cope by getting lost in Connolly’s project, Google Sky.

Learn more about Will Marshall’s “Dove” drones.

Did you know that you can carry Louie Schwartzberg’s stunning visuals in your pocket? Download his Moving Art app.

Finally, in honor of Randall Munroe’s talk, I would like to share my favorite xkcd cartoon:


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