Put a Bow On It

Attendees traveled from 65 countries to TEDActive this year, from South Korea to Sudan, Saudi Arabia to San Francisco. With them, they brought small gifts to share from their hometown, for the second annual TEDActive Gift Exchange, organized by the attendees themselves. Below are just a few treasures being carried home by lucky recipients this year.


Agnieszka Galas got goodies from Argentina and TEDxTenaris compliments of Maria Laura Garcia.


Vitiya Pou received these very patriotic Lone Ranger goodies from the great state of Texas.


Mary Sikora received love-themed paintings and cards from Loveland, CO, aka the Sweetheart City, brought by Loveland local Ingrid Bush. For her contribution, Mary brought Caltech pajamas (in honor of her event, TEDxCaltech) for Thursday pajama day at TEDActive.


Sharen Scott was lucky enough to get some local jams, chocolate, alcohol and sardines all the way from Portugal!


Wendy Wallbridge gifted Damon Brown this fun, cozy hat from Palo Alto, California. It’s been keeping him warm all week! Damon gifted a lucky someone a purple scarf which he crocheted himself on the plane ride to Whistler!


Meng He received a new T-shirt with a good mantra to follow, especially at TEDActive: “A little rebellion now and then is a good thing,” plus, chocolate from Philadelphia’s oldest candy shop, which has been making candy in that same shop winces 1863. And to top it off: a commemorative Liberty Bell mug. For her own gift, Meng gave some lucky person one of her favorite party games, Resistance, a mix of lying, deception and disrupting the many. Nothing better to do with people you’ve just met at TEDActive than lie to them and put them through some major psychological stress, says Meng.

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