After every talk this week, we would see these gorgeous speaker caricatures pop up on our Instagram feed. Intrigued by the hashtag #TEDdraw and the artwork, we reached out to Gabriel Campbell and his team to learn more about what they were doing.


Gabriel Campbell, Arian Behzadi and Kimberley Chambers are part of the Experience Design team (XD) at Adobe. They are a team of designers, developers, project managers and researchers who are passionate about creativity and love building tools to delight and inspire the next generation of creatives. Kimberley gave us a great run-down of what they were up to all week:

“During the entire week of TED 2014, Adobe hosted a Drawing Lab in Vancouver for attendees to encourage conversations about drawing and invite them to try their hands at our upcoming creative hardware: a cloud connected pen (Project Mighty) and a digital ruler (Project Napoleon) for the iPad. This creative hardware was conceived and designed by XD. We believe that drawing is a fundamental part of literacy and that everyone can draw. Throughout the week, countless drawings by attendees were broadcast live and shared across social media using #TEDdraw.

2014-03-18 10.56.25

In keeping with the theme of TED “Ideas worth spreading,” we wanted to share our passion for creativity and the team’s exploration around the future of drawing and creativity with fellow TEDActive attendees. So we packed the prototype hardware in our bags and headed for the mountain!

2014-03-17 23.39.21

Throughout the week, we enjoyed many fun conversations with fellow attendees about drawing and creativity. During the speaker sessions, Gabriel created caricatures of every TED speaker using Mighty, Napoleon and the companion app for iPad, Project Parallel.

2014-03-18 18.09.58

To learn more about our team and our work, check out our online portfolio on Behance here.”

 2014-03-19 08.33.40

Speaker caricatures and gorgeous header image created by Gabriel Campbell. Gabriel is an artist and experience designer at Adobe, having recently been selected by IxDA for a design award for his work on Adobe Kuler for iPhone. Gabriel draws upon his eclectic and risible background in the fine arts, scenic design, engineering and illustration to create user-centered experiences in the creative arts. 

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