10 Signs You Should Be at TEDActive This March

TEDActive is for the thinkers, doers and dreamers of the world. An action-packed event that runs parallel to the annual TED conference, TEDActive is meant for people who want to hear new ideas — then create ripple effects of action around them.

TEDActive 2015 will take place March 16-20 in Whistler, British Columbia, and explore the theme “Truth and Dare.” Never attended before? On the fence? Not sure how you feel about Canada? Here are 10 signs that you should apply to attend TEDActive this year:

  1. You love brainstorms. The act of sharing ideas, piggybacking on what others say and considering multiple points of view? That’s what you thrive on. At TEDActive, you’ll find brainstorm sessions — both organized and informal — on topics that range from education interventions to the future of transportation.
  2. When you hear about a problem, you immediately start thinking of solutions. To you, problems aren’t insurmountable — they are more like puzzles to be solved. At TEDActive, attendees love to help each other overcome obstacles in their lives, whether it’s thinking about how to start a company or how to find better balance. Attendees bring this problem-solving point of view to watching TED Talks, too. While they absorb ideas, they get sparks of inspiration on how to take action — and recruit fellow attendees to help out.
  3. You like making new friends. Yes, it can be hard to walk up to someone and just start talking. But somehow at TEDActive, that’s easy. TEDActive attendees don’t just bond at the conference — they keep in touch year-round.
  4. You care about making a positive impact on your community. Whether through volunteering, organizing events, contributing to the arts or getting involved in politics, you go above and beyond for the people in your area. Attendees at TEDActive build a strong community throughout the week of the conference — and then bring that spirit back to their hometowns.
  5. And global issues matter to you. Yes, you like to keep up with the news. But you’re even more excited by the opportunity to hear directly from people experiencing it firsthand. Last year, TEDActive attendees hailed from more than 60 countries across the globe — which made for some fascinating conversations.TEDActive attendees prefer not to sit still. Photo: Marla Aufmuth/TED
  6. You love to ski. And/or dance. TEDActive isn’t about sitting still. In between sessions, you can bundle up and think about the talks you just watched as you get on the chairlift and hit the slopes of Whistler. And TEDActive is famous for its parties. By night, you can warm up by moving your feet to the music on a swirling dancefloor. We think you’ll love this year’s mountaintop party, which includes a gondola ride to the top of Whistler Mountain.
  7. You value learning for the sake of learning. When it comes to knowledge, there doesn’t always need to be an end goal. You love stimulating your mind with new information. TEDActive is full of opportunities to learn, from exhibits that show how black holes really work to stations that explain how to link bananas into a piano connecting them to a circuit board.
  8. You love TED Talks. At TEDActive, you’ll watch all the sessions of TED2015 from a comfy, cozy simulcast theater. It’s a powerful group viewing experience — one where you get to have vibrant discussions and hear other perspectives during session breaks.
  9. You love to explore new places. Whether it’s the snowy mountains of beautiful Whistler or the beanbag filled corners of the theater, you’ll enjoy experiencing all kinds of spaces and locations at TEDActive.
  10. You have big dreams. Perhaps the biggest sign that you are a TEDActive attendee at heart: You believe that you can achieve wild feats. TEDActive attendees excitedly encourage one another to go after their boldest goals.

Interested? Apply to attend TEDActive 2015! We’d love to see you there.

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