A TEDActive Packing List

Are you joining us in Whistler NEXT WEEK and wondering what to bring? Worry no more: Here are tips on what to pack!

Practically speaking

One of our hosts, Kara DeFrias, recommends leaving most of your wallet at home. She recommends bringing: your ID, one credit card, an ATM card, and a health insurance card. (Make sure to photocopy both sides of each, leaving a copy at home and another with you — just in case!)

Preparing for the weather

Whistler weather will likely be cool and wet: Expect the temperature to range from the high-20s ℉ to the mid-40s ℉ (-2.7℃ to 7.2℃). Luckily, Whistler’s winter has been milder than most, and highs may climb into the 50s ℉ (12℃). Though Whistler hasn’t seen much snow this month, you might still see a few snowflakes, so bring a coat! See current weather conditions »

TEDxMontreal organizer Katy Yam wants to make sure you stay warm enough to focus on the talks! She recommends bringing a pair of mittens or gloves, even if you don’t think you need them… otherwise “you won’t be able to join a genuine snowball fight or build a snowman when you really need to!”

The key to staying warm and ready for anything is to bring thick socks, comfortable shoes and clothing that you can layer, in order to adjust for warmer days and cooler evenings. Consider thin, insulating layers like t-shirts and tights under long-sleeved shirts and heavier pants. Garments made of wool or made with Gore-Tex also work well for the wintry climate. For those of you who want to ski or participate in winter sports (like a snowball fight!), bring wool socks, insulated gloves, warm jackets and snow boots. Is this your first time traveling to a cold climate? You might find these reviews on snow boots, gloves and other snow gear useful.

Still worried? Here are one, two, three packing list recommendations!

Advice from the experts

Comfort and informality help define the TED experience, and this is especially true of TEDActive. The dress is casual for all events, but as we like to say, elements of personal style are always welcome and even encouraged.

One of our hosts, Niki Dun, notes that “TEDActive attendees seem to give an above-average amount of attention to their choice of socks.” She also suggests bringing a waterproof jacket with a hood or an umbrella, for practical purposes. And for fun? These are the “kind of things you should consider bringing because you might just want them on hand: face paint, confetti and little treats for your new BFFs.”

Katy and Niki also suggest that you bring a bathing suit so you don’t miss a chance to visit the hot tub or some local hot springs.

One TEDActive veteran recommends dressing as though you are going on “a third date with someone you really like.” As members of the TEDActive team, we loved this advice and wanted to share some of our looks with you.




Happy packing and don’t forget your phone/tablet/laptop chargers!!

By Diana Enriquez

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