TEDYou 2015: Introducing Our Speakers

TEDYou, a longstanding TEDActive tradition, is taking place once again in beautiful Whistler! TEDYou is a curated session of talks delivered by attendees who applied with a proposal featuring their work, talents and interests. TEDYou will take place between Sessions 8 and 9, on Thursday, March 19, from 8:15am to 9:45am. For those of you watching on TED Live, TEDYou will not be live webcasted, but several of the talks may later appear on TED.com. If you will be onsite in Whistler, come support your fellow attendees who will be speaking about a variety of different topics, ranging from materials science to the choices we make about our identities.

This year, nine awesome speakers and performers will take the TEDYou stage:

Shark Tank HS2

Barbara Corcoran is the Founder of the Corcoran Group, Barbara Corcoran Inc. and Barbara Corcoran Venture Partners. Barbara is a businesswoman, investor and speaker on topics ranging from real estate to investment to surviving in the business world. She is also one of the “Sharks” on the reality show “Shark Tank.”


Sally Kohn is considered one of the leading progressive voices in the United States. She currently contributes to CNN and the Daily Beast. She has also contributed to Fox News, MSNBC, Washington Post, New York Times, Reuters, More Magazine, Salon, Politico, Time and many others. Sally was listed as one of the Top Nine Rising Stars in cable news by Mediaite and the 35th Most Influential Gay Person in the Media by The Advocate.

TEDActive Picture

Shivam Shah is a classical pianist and a junior neuropsychology student at the University of Cincinnati, on track to be a medical student once he graduates. He has been playing the classical piano for 13 years and jazz piano for seven years. He is currently writing a piano concerto and has recorded some of his work with indie bands in Cincinnati. Despite playing the piano for years, Shivam is still working to understand the intangibles of music.


Jun Kamei is a biomimicry researcher who uses his research to develop new materials. He is both passionate about the patterns and structures within nature and modern engineering processes as well as appreciative of traditional methods and materials from rural Japan. Jun was a member of the TEDxTohoku organizing team.


Onyx Ashanti is a Beatjazz sonic architect. He is a musician, geek, open-source advocate, maker and collaborator. Beatjazz is a multidimensional performance piece that Onyx invented using his own musical tools. It is as much a musical experience as it is a complex visualization of sound. Beatjazz continues to evolve over time as Onyx adds new elements and technology to the ways that he plays with sound and visualizations.

Jacqui Square (2)

Jacqui Chew is the founder and CEO of iFusion Marketing. Jacqui is focused on helping startups navigate and gain skills they need to survive in competitive markets. She is also the editor in chief of BeyondMVP, a publication that offers news, analysis and lifestyle features on startups and tech in the American South. Jacqui is a co-organizer of TEDxPeachTree.

Marco Tempest Image

Marco Tempest is a cyber illusionist and current Director’s Fellow at the MIT media lab. His work combines magic and technology to produce mind-blowing performances. His career began as a stage performer, but his work with different kinds of technology and his access to wider networks over the internet allowed him to expand his repertoire and audience. Tempest supports the open source community, works with artists and studies different practical uses of illusion technology.


Jamila Lyiscott is a poet and educator. She is currently an adjunct professor at Long Island University and Columbia University’s Teachers College, where she is also an advanced doctoral candidate. Her focus is on the education of the African Diaspora. Jamila has been a spoken word artist since she was 15, using her performance work to engage with youth, educators and activists across New York City.

Joshua Prager

Joshua Prager is a journalist and author. He writes for Wall Street Journal, Vanity Fair, and New York Times andhe explores storytelling through longer works as well. His book The Echoing Green was named Best Book of the Year by the Washington Post. His second book, Half-Life, was about his recovery process after a bus crash that broke his neck. He was a Nieman Fellow at Harvard in 2011 and a Fulbright Distinguished Chair at Hebrew University in 2012.

See you at TEDYou!

By Diana Enriquez

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