Sally Kohn’s Media Tips Workshop

This afternoon, columnist Sally Kohn hosted a workshop titled “Tips for Media Interviews,” a program designed to help TEDActive attendees navigate the public interview process, present their points clearly, and connect with an audience.

Photo: Ryan Lash/TED
Photo: Ryan Lash/TED

Sally gathered with a group of attendees in the Rainbow Theatre and offered a couple pointers they could use when they for their next TV interview or debate. A few attendees practiced pitching their personal projects and arguments for feedback from Sally and other audience members. Sally Kohn is recognized as one of the leading progressive voices in America. Her work has been featured on media outlets ranging from Fox News to the Daily Beast, New York Times, and even the Colbert Report. Her most recent article in the Washington Post is titled “I’m gay. And I want my kid to be gay, too.” She also spoke at TED@NYC 2013 and gave a talk called “Let’s try emotional correctness.

One piece of advice that she would like to share with everyone is:

“Honestly, guys, when in doubt, just act like a real human.”

You can see Sally again this week when she gives her talk at TEDYou.

by Diana Enriquez

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