TEDActive takes Barbara Corcoran’s Entrepreneur IQ Test

TEDActive attendees are a creative bunch — we come together once a year to celebrate ideas and get to know a larger community of thinkers from around the world. We are designers, teachers, organizers, business owners, students, and more.

Yesterday, Barbara Corcoran offered TEDActive attendees a chance to measure the “entrepreneurial strength” of this community.

Photo: Marla Aufmuth/TED
Photo: Marla Aufmuth/TED

Barbara gave a talk at TEDYou describing six personality traits she looks for when she invests in start ups, through her own personal investments and as a judge on Shark Tank. These traits included resilience (the ability to bounce back from failure), street smarts (ability to think quickly and react), big picture thinking, charisma, competitive drive, and people smarts.

Barbara has developed a short Entrepreneur IQ survey that she uses to draw attention to some of the strengths and weaknesses of potential entrepreneurs. The survey has 10 questions, designed to measure how an individual makes decisions, how they interact with their co-workers and potential clients, how they adjust to failure, and how they develop their ideas or find new opportunities. Scores on this survey can range from 0-10.

The survey was offered on Thursday morning, after TEDYou, and closed around 4pm. During this time, we were able to survey 15% of our total attendees and staff list.

Some of the questions were: Think about your best ideas. Where do they come from? How do you set goals for yourself? Think about your busiest times (when people said “you can never do all that”). How did you get it all done?

TEDActive Attendees did very well on this survey! We found that 56% of our attendees scored within the range that Barbara Corcoran denotes as “strong candidates.” The average score for our attendees was 7.5. [Strong Candidates are individuals who scored 8-10 on their survey]

Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 9.54.17 AM
Distribution of Scores from TEDActive Entrepreneur IQ Survey

TEDActive Attendees are risk takers — 92% of respondents said that they would make moves to pursue new opportunities, even when friends and family told them it was “risky.”

A similar 92% of our respondents agreed that new teammates and partners should be selected based on fit rather than result/qualifications or a pre-determined set of metrics for personality/resume.

The biggest differences in the community came from the questions addressing how people manage resources. Questions 7 and 8 discuss recovering from failures/setbacks and managing time during particularly busy projects. Question 9 tried to gauge how people identify and pursue new opportunities as they appear. The question on failure, in particular, received a wider range of answers than many of the other questions regarding resource allocation, team-building and decision making.

The quiz offered multiple choice answers to each of the ten questions and is written in Barbara’s voice. This adds to the fun!  We share these results as part of the fun of this particular experiment.

We hope that you all had fun with it!

by Diana Enriquez

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