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Your Coffee Horoscope

Coffee drinkers unite -- with this cool comic by Doghouse Diaries
Coffee drinkers unite — a comic by Doghouse Diaries

Coffee plays an important role in the lives of many TEDActivators, whether it keeps you awake for the TED sessions, kickstarts your brainstorms or helps you meet new friends while waiting in line. We found this awesome graphic and thought of all of you who are hard at work churning out mind-boggling ideas, breaking out of boxes and silos and saving the world.

So, what kind of coffee are you?

Coffee bar at TEDActive 2013
Coffee bar at TEDActive 2013

20 Canadian slang words you should memorize


Uh what?

This is Canadian slang for “How are you doing?” After a few visits to Whistler, we realized we needed to brush up on our Canadian before we hit the slopes next February for TEDActive 2014. So, we compiled this handy guide of the most useful slang words you need to know to pass yourself off as one of the locals. And as a bonus, we’ve added a sample sentence you’ll most likely be overheard saying.

1. Eh?: Add at the end of your sentence as a friendly short-cut for “don’t you agree?”

Session 5 of TEDActive was mind-blowing, awesome, crazy cool, phenomenal, eh?

2. Double-double: Coffee with two creams and two sugars. A triple-triple is cream and sugar times three. Made popular by famous Canadian staple, Tim Hortons.

I stayed up till 3am at the Welcome Home Party; I desperately need a double-double.

3. Pop: If you’re craving a Coke, don’t say “soda” or you’ll find yourself with a glass of carbonated water. “Pop” refers to the bubbly soft drinks you love.

I could use a cool refreshing pop right now — Sprite, Diet Coke or Pepsi — anything that will rev me up during the breaks.

4. Loonie (Toonie): 


A loon on the Canadian dollar coin led to it being nicknamed the “loonie.” The toonie or twoonie is the tongue-in-cheek nickname for the two dollar coin.

Do you happen to have a toonie on you? I forgot my wallet and I want to buy a postcard.

5. Queue: A line of people.

The queue for coffee goes out the door! Good thing I’m surrounded by cool TEDActivators to talk to.

6. PoutineTHIS.


An amazing Canadian dish of fries + gravy + curd cheese. 

That Translator’s workshop made me so hungry. I need to eat a big plate of poutine to recharge and get ready for more brainstorms.

7. Washroom: bathroom, loo, potty

Is there a washroom on the first floor of the Fairmont?

8. Housecoat: bathrobe

Don’t forget to wear your housecoats for PJ Morning for tomorrow’s 8:30 session.

9. Zed: the last letter of the alphabet (Z) 

The program is organized in alphabetical order of speaker last names, it goes from A to Zed. 

10. Serviette: napkin

Do you have any serviettes? I spilled a coffee as I jumped to my feet to give a standing ovation.

11. ToquePronounced “took” is a knitted winter cap or beanie. See our list of reasons why Whistler is awesome.

12. Back-bacon


Or “peameal bacon” is cured bacon rolled in cornmeal. Yummy.

Good thing I woke up early for breakfast. This back-bacon is life-changing. 

13. Van: Short for “Vancouver.” Locals use it to refer to different areas: East Van, West Van, North Van.

Are you hanging out in Van after the conference is over?

14. Chinook: an warm wind that blows from west to east during late winter to early spring.

A chinook blew through and melted all of the snow. 

15. Hydro: electricity

Watch out for the hydro pole when you’re on your scooter.

16. Whale’s Tail: Fried dough pastry. Also known as elephant ears or beaver tails.

Snacks at TEDActive are healthy and delicious … but I’m craving a whale’s tail.

17. Giv’n her: an act carried out to it’s fullest potential. Short for “Given her hell.”

We’re gonna giv’n her at TEDActive this year!

18. Kerfuffle: awkward or stressful situation, commotion.

If you’re ever in a kerfuffle, go talk to Rives or Kelly. They’ll be sure to help you out!

19. Knapsack: Backpack or bookbag.

Did you check out the TED Gift Bag? It’s a knapsack that glows in the dark and has a hundred pockets.

20. Decal:  Is pronounced “deck-ul.”

I love the deck-uls (not dee-kals) adorning the walls of the Theater.

+ a bonus word

21. Canuck: A nickname for Canadian

The writer of this blog post is not a Canuck. But she loved learning these new words :)