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17 Ways to unleash the power of littleBits at TEDActive 2014

The best things come in small packages. And littleBits is one of them.

The brainchild of TED Fellow Ayah Bdeir, littleBits is an open source library of electronics that easily snap together with magnets for hours of prototyping, learning and fun. Each tiny circuit-board has a simple, unique function: light, sound, sensors, buttons, thresholds, pulse or motors. When snapped together, the modules create larger circuits and complex interactions. The best part? You don’t have to be a rocket scientist.

So, TEDActivators, keep an eye out for the Synth Kits – a kit that transforms music lovers into music makers – and plenty of Bits from the Exploration Kits on-site. And keep your ears open for Ayah Bdeir’s TED Talk on Monday, March 17.

Here are 17 out-of-this-world projects from the Little Bits community to inspire you to collaborate, explore, create and make some sweet sounds:

  1. What blinks, bleeps, bloops and blurgs? This sound machine.

2. Pizza delivery never sounded so good. Listen to the pizza box phonograph.

3. Hands-free video with the Go Pro Revolver.

4. This Rube-Goldberg machine – a crazy way to turn off the lights.

5. We applaud the sound-activated bubble maker

6. For the mad scientist: how to build a magnetic stirrer.

7. Can plants grow in the red or blue light? This experiment explores.

8. Ping pong + air hockey = Airball?

9. All you need is paper and littleBits for the Simple Line Follower.

10. Snacky Snacky Hippos is Hungry Hungry Hippos for two.

11. See things from a bee’s perspective.

12. Sugru dispenser.

13. Rocking out with the Build-It Noise Band.

14. Modern art with C. Robot and Spiralbot.

15. Lunchtime with the Shanghai Sandwich Maker.

16. Music to my ears: NullsleepUnikorg and Synth Kit 4 Track.

17. Create the soundtrack of floating in space. 

Fun fact: The inimitable Reggie Watts and Ayah worked together on the Synth Kit product ideation. Watch the collaboration in action:

Please contact info@littlebits.cc for any general inquiries and littleBits@thehatchagency.com for press/PR questions.

Going through a Reggie Watts withdrawal?


Remember this? Yes, it’s Reggie Watts rocking the stage at TEDActive 2013 with his mind-boggling musical routine. We thought you might need a Friday pick me up, so get lost in some of his most brilliant performances:

“Feel it in your pancreas.”

“Sugar, got it going on. Baby, got it going down.”

Reggie gets “out of control…”

“We get tired of the same story. We want to rewrite the ending”

Oh… and don’t forget Reggie’s TED2012 performance:

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More photos from the concert: