Google Cardboard Virtual Reality Headsets

Welcome to TEDActive 2015! Thanks to Knoxlabs and DODOcase, we are able to provide you with the Google Cardboard Virtual Reality (VR) experience…you can even get a sneak peek at TED Speaker Chris Milk‘s new VR documentary, “Clouds Over Sidra“!

Instructions for Android and iPhone devices:

  1. Install any of the Google cardboard compatible virtual reality apps for your phone: You can try the apps listed below, or search for more in the Google or iPhone app store.
  2. Start the app and ensure that it is in virtual reality (stereoscopic) mode.
  3. Position your phone into the cardboard headset (see the image above), close the flap, and secure the velcro tabs.  Make sure your phone is secure in the unit.

Recommended Apps for iPhone and Android:

Thought provoking and/or meditative:

Faster paced:
3D Cameras — Create Your Own VR Experience!

For more information:

You can search Google Play and the Apple Store to find more apps, and visit or to see their favorite apps!

Many thanks to Ken Hill for compiling these instructions and apps!

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